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suv tire - carbon footprint

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suv tire
63.2 - 140 (average: 101) kg CO2 per 1 unit
Rough estimate from SUV tire weight (20.4 - 45.35 kg) * [synthetic rubber]. Steel and additives not included. Expected mileage life 100.000 km
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Global CO2 numbers

What amount of carbon dioxide is still OK?
Roughly, people in developed countries emit more than 20 kgs per day. This number includes everything: food consumption, heating, transportation and 'common issues' - for example CO2 emissions from road constructions or military.
Search for name of your country to see how it stands.

But the long term survival limit is way lower: about 3.5 kgs per person per day.
What is 'long term survival limit'? It is a amount of carbon dioxide, that the biosphere is able to handle without unwanted effects, such as: global warming, ocean acidification, glacier melting and so on.