Fight climate change with data

The mission: data focus on providing best possible carbon footprint data. This thing alone can reduce the average CO2 emissions. We believe that there is a lot of people who want to behave responsibly, track and reduce their footprint, little by little.

And aims to be a trusted data source for such people.

How can you help? needs your help in three areas:

  • spreading the word (for everyone)
  • providing more and better data (for everyone, especially data persons)
  • making this website and related tools better (this is for IT gurus)

Spread the word

Are you a blogger, journalist? Give a link. Every result has a permalink below, so you can easily integrate them into your articles and posts: see, for example, how United States carbon dioxide emissions per capita are more than 100x higher compared to typical Africa country.

Tweet about the results. Make a Facebook / Instagram / Reddit / Mastodon/ YouFavouriteSocialNetwork post about GreenOrDie. Talk about carbon dioxide. Talk about GreenOrDie. Data are fun, make use of it ;-)

Be creative and do it now. We didn’t have too much time for change.

Providing more and better data

Do you know some carbon footprint data for things or activities we do not list yet? Look for this icon: Can you help?

Go back to homepage, look around, search for some things you know and when such icon appears, answer the simple questions. Your contribution help GreenOrDie database grow. Thank you!

Making this website better

If you know git, python and django, check out the repos and feel free to contribute. There is a lot of work to be done:

Data and python tools - backend